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Intoxication Creations


Okay guys, drugs ARE illegal, but does that really stop anyone? I know you know it's true... unless it comes to those 'straightedge' people out there... but if you're one of them, why are you reading this to begin with?

So clearly this group is for people who enjoy writing while under the influence. DON'T JOIN IT IF ALL YOU HAVE TO SAY IS HOW WRONG THIS IS. Through intoxicated minds comes works of art; pieces written straight from though with nothing to slow the mind from spinning, nothing to prevent the truth. Horror, love, lies, truth, life... there are no boundaries!!

Obviously, unless you're super skilled, being drunk & writing won't go well together, but if it's somewhat comprehensible, then why not share it anyway? But, if you're going to write about some explicit XXX fantasy, please keep it to yourself. We all have them, we don't need yours. Simple passion is fine.

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Where ever i go., Canada

New poem, first in at least 4 years. Enjoy♥


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