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Inside and Backyard Appearance

13 Years Ago

The castle itself is a mile and a half long and half a mile wide providing housing horse stables, various armories, training areas, three hospitals all equipped with every type of malady, separate quarters for everybody, blacksmiths, several hundred bathrooms, and a huge nursery for all parents with children that can all play together and be protected in times of war by ancient old magicks not even known the most skilled wizards and witches.

The interior is bright white walls with black stone flooring which took the better part of a couple centuries to smooth out. Various portraits of battles long past, Kings that are held in high regard, then coming up to a T junction to the left is a library full of all kinds of information that you need or is available to the right is the torture area known as Malum Asperitas none shall enter unless someone has been brought as a prisoner of war. Continuing straight ahead a large room with the seal of Avarus on both of the brown doors in one big golden A this is called the Strategy Room where all battle plans can be discussed and planned as a war approaches.

The Strategy Room has a large rectangular table which is set up in the form of a battlefield which has working pieces of this kingdom�s army and the opposition�s army the wall directly in front of it has surveillance camera displays yes I know it sounds funny but yes even some of the best warriors don�t have the sharpest eye when it comes to detecting enemy attacks before they can gain entry.
To the immediate left of The Strategy Room is a small hallway which leads out to the courtyard which has blacksmith shops, horse stables, nurseries, training grounds, and whatever else you may need.

To the immediate right of The Strategy Room is a spiral set of stairs winding up to another set of doors this time they are tan pearl in color and open up into The Throne Room.