Kingdom Of Avarus


The Oldest and one of the first vampire clans to set it's ground created back in the days of Egyptian times around the b.c. era


Archers that are precise and can take out an enemy at 1200 yards even if that enemy is a friend or family member.
Blacksmiths to make weapons such as swords, maces, axes, spikes, lances, armor, helmets
Elf and Wiccan folk that are ranged from novice to expert magicks this also includes time in battle.
Good strong warriors that can take a sword to the gut, that have their wings ripped off, get shot, stabbed, poisoned, cursed, and killed but come back in spirit form and keep going until you can�t no more.

This applies to Lycans, vampires, hybrids, alchemists, Dwarfs, dragons, elves, witches, wizards, Men, women, and any other creature I might have forgotten.

Alchemists who want to show their true talents that go unnoticed by others.

Vampires who love a good fight and want to show what they�ve got.

Lycans who want to take on key figures in the vampire nation.

Jedi yes I said Jedi and Sith who want to prove their worth to my kingdom.

People in the vampire nation whom are feeling mistreated, pushed down and walked all over by tyrant leaders then come on over to The True Kingdom Of Avarus

Maryian Avarita Ruler of both Avarus and Maryian

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Outer Appearance

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The Throne Room

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Inside and Backyard Appearance

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