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Submit Lots of Writing! Invite People!

8 Years Ago

Folks, feel free to publish as much of your work as possible in the group. Ideally I would like us to create a library of LGBTQIA literature--that is, works that focus on lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning, intersexual and/or asexual characters. Anything and everything is accepted from anyone. I hope this will be a place where people can come and find reflections of themselves in literature. We all need to feel represented, and sometimes that means opening up a good book and finding that you identify with the characters more than others do. In this group, you will find welcome from the authors, too! 

Much love,
Aaron K.
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Re: Submit Lots of Writing! Invite People!

4 Years Ago

I've written a boys love fiction series set in Japan called Original Music Makes.  I was inspired by a lot of Shounen Ai manga and the rich tapestry of characters and stories from this genre.

I'm heterosexual.  However, I support LGBT wholeheartedly and love writing boys love stories. It's a beautiful challenge and adds a deep meaning to my understanding of being human.

In this, love has no discrimination nor boundaries. I aim for my posts to represent this ideal :)