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Hello all! No matter how you identify yourself or your sexuality, this group welcomes all writers in an effort to create an expansive library of LGBT literature on This effort is not meant to undermine those of any other groups. We simply want to provide resources to writers in a community that embraces these characters and their stories! We accept any genre of writing--it shouldn't be limited at all!

The number of submissions per member is 1OO--the highest you can submit in any group! Please submit as many titles as is possible on this site!

Works of all age ranges are welcome here. Give us whatever you believe applies to this group. And as always, have fun reading, reviewing and writing!

At some level, we all want to identify with characters, especially protagonists, who share some of the same qualities that we have. We want to see ourselves reflected through literature. That is why the aim of this group is to feature prominent lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning, intersexual and asexual characters alongside their straight friends.

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Erotic Goddess

Erotic Goddess

Erotic Dreams, MN

Writing makes my heart race sometimes... I miss it.


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Aaron M. Anderson

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Should I go on with this book?

Esther Night

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Presenting: Lesbian Leftovers

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My first time.


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End of Featured Works

Aaron M. Anderson

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