One Week

One Week

A Poem by Th3Authr

A poem about my Coming Out as gay to my parents. Rather, my preparation for that.

The week before those words leave my lips...
I listen to Three Little Birds, Bob Marley...
And I know that every little thing
Is gonna be alright.
Don’t worry.
I get hugs
Textually described by invisible friends so many miles away.
I lie in bed awake, unable to slow my jittery heart.
It knows what's coming.
I yawn all day. Sleepless. There’s nothing to do...
Nothing to do but worry and hope and cry.
I cry. I cry a lot.
I wonder if it is because I am scared...
Or if it’s because I know it’s all okay.
An overwhelming sense of okay.
I can’t tell.
Will everything become clear when I finally do it?
When those words leave my lips
Leaving their revealing marks on my throat
Wrapping around my body
Stripping me down until I am completely
The words I can’t take back.
Even if I could...
They would leave their marks.
There would always be doubt and suspicion
So it’s acceptance or petition. I cannot predict it.
The week before these words leave my lips...
I play frightening video games.
Perhaps I hope they will make my nervousness
In regards to real life
Pale in comparison.
But they don’t.
The week before these words leave my lips...
I think of school.
I think about the day I go back
and if things will feel different
If I will feel like I am a different girl.
I stupidly muse that the fact those words have left my lips...
Mean they would be written on my body
And everyone would know. And I would not care.
The week before these words leave my lips...
I go to therapy.
My therapist is very nice. I feel more comfortable around her every time I see her.
I wonder if I would be coming out this month
this season
this year
this lifetime...
Without her help.
The week before my secrets are revealed
I revel in thoughts of the future
I think of my wedding. I think of my lover.
Wherever... whenever... whoever that may be.
I hope in two weeks...
I will have my first full-night’s sleep.
Seven days.
Then you may sleep.
Then you may know peace.
Seven days.
One week.

© 2012 Th3Authr

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i know a feeling like that. my bf knows i'm bi and he's alright with it. but even now and then he worried that i'll turn lesbian on him. when i told my mom that i was bi, she accepted me and doesn't make me feel weird. i've told my closest friend whom is a female and we're still best friends. it's always good to have people to accept you for you.

Posted 8 Years Ago

Love it

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Added on August 5, 2012
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