A Poem by Th3Authr

A poem about self-harm and accepting one's past.

The past clings to the planet that I am.
A planet only just recovering from a detrimental blight,
A plight faced by many planets such as I.
Through much difficulty I let my lover know that I am happy now.
What a hard thing to believe though...
When a scar that reads "Hell" can be seen on my torso.
Look further down, I say... at the scar on my thigh
It reads "Strong", and we are... many planets such as I.
Every person is a planet, a world withered by grief
And yet, we spin on an axis of faith and belief
Whether in hope and the future, other people, or God.
Or belief in oneself, although heavily flawed.
Unable to make love without opening those scars
The stories and the reasoning behind them...
So far, I have hidden myself. It was worth a try.
Gravity pulls us back down to ourselves... many planets such as I.
I don't want to meet myself when I die
What is the reason for pouring salt on healed skin?
I've forgotten the past, but she won't let me go...
Maybe I can never completely forget, I don't know.
Flouresent lights make them darken, they stand out on my wrist...
The memories of nights that will never be missed.
The woman in the restroom sees them and turns away.
That's fine, I don't want to face them either, it's okay.
No longer do I pollute the ground and oceans of my self.
Bury trash in the dirt and let seas be bled out.
Earth my body, water my blood...
The future, my wide blue sky.
We look back, yet move forward.
We forgive, but we don't forget...
Blowing somber kisses as we wave goodbye.
Weary worlds that keep turning... planets such as I.

© 2012 Th3Authr

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Added on August 6, 2012
Last Updated on August 6, 2012
Tags: self harm, self injury, cutting, depression, happiness, hope




I am a simple high-school student. I write when I have the urge. I suppose my writing is passable, though I am more interesting in Linguistics and interpreting Sign Language and such. Flash fiction i.. more..

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