Meat Of Joy (close Reading Club)


'Explication of text' or 'close reading' is an important technique for seeing the beauty and meaning in all forms of art. Here, lets delve into the meat of our (and other's) poetry. Structured or free form, haiku or a section taken from a larger sonnet-
A (relatively succinct) line by line crit revolving around

Figurative Language ( rife with hybrid etomology and symbolism)

Diction (with its emphasis on words)


Structure (if any)


Tone. (Angry? ? funny? removed? )

Dip ito *your* frames of reference (A la Sister Wendy).

Indulge us with a line by the line of

your poetry.

Ask for a crit by others on your poem.

Take a stab on a well known poem.
or even Lyric.

Some of it can be don't be shy.

Lets get naked!

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Ill begin !!

Stevie Jean Reed

1 Post

38 By Shemena Campbell

Stevie Jean Reed

3 Posts

A Place Between Places By:J D Stiver

Stevie Jean Reed

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