My Addiction


Raven became a vampire after the loss of her human family. While she had been addicted to the tales when alive, she never imagined any of it to be true. She is an impulsive quirky kind of girl, she smokes, drives a bike, collapses when least expected, loves cerise pink and tries to study some forms of martial arts. Her adventures make her tour the globe in a frantic search for eternal love.

Whilst the main characters are mainly vampires, the story has an exciting range of characters with extravagant abilities ranging from something in between X-men; Transformers and Twilight. The reader will be transported to a time and place where they will be caught up with exciting stories of fast cars and fast bikes.

My addiction leads a two-way story. The story generated from the author’s infatuation with fiction novels and human’s ever endearing search for love, the reader will therefore walk the author’s path from the start of her addiction ( her story) and at the same time, they will read Raven’s (the lead character’s) story.

Whilst the author was busy writing her story, she wanted to include her own journey. She wanted people to understand where her story came from and share some of her struggles.

The authors research created a path that led her main character from South Africa to Venice and then onto Antarctica. It has fascinating detail on the various landscapes and different types of history that will capture most reader’s fantasy.

Whilst it is fiction, it is the type of book that one would read on a cold day with a hot cup of coffee, in order to escape life’s hard realities.
The book has different qualities ranging in between – humor; romance; horror and fiction.Friends from around the globe have found it capturing and an easy read. It captures the personality of the author and even has some dialogue in different languages that makes the story so much more “enticing”.

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