Naturalistic Sci-fi


Taking a cue from Ronald D Moore and the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica as well as his essay on naturalistic science fiction, this group seeks to express a grittier and more natural vision of the future as opposed to the utopia often envisioned. The approach is to introduce realism into what has heretofore been an aggressively unrealistic genre, in other words the idea is the presentation of a fantastical situation in naturalistic terms. We will eschew the usual stories about parallel universes, time-travel, mind-control, evil twins, God-like powers and all the other clichés of the genre. It is first and foremost drama. It is about people. Real people that the readers can identify with and become engaged in. And finally, Character. This is perhaps, the biggest departure from the science fiction norm. We do not have "the cocky guy" "the fast-talker" "the brain" "the wacky alien sidekick" or any of the other usual characters who populate science fiction. Our characters are living, breathing people with all the emotional complexity and contradictions present in reality. Our characters are not super-heroes. They are not an elite. They are everyday people, like you and me.

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