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Have a legitimate group on WritersCafe? Tired of people not being able to find it in the listing of new groups, because two days after it was created, it was already buried ten pages deep, behind groups selling handbags and insurance, and the administrators refuse to do anything to stop this?

Post a notice about the creation of your new group here, and maybe come back after a while to talk about how your group has been doing. If you'd like, please link back from your group to this one, because doing so will help this group do its job, which is to help users of WritersCafe bypass the spam.

Please be very patient when you apply to join this group, as I don't log in every day, and I will be making an attempt to keep the spammers out.

Photo Credit: The group illustration is in the public domain, courtesy of the New Hampshire Dept. of Transportation, and was found on this page.

Moderator: Joseph Dunphy

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This group is on indefinite hiatus

Myopic Midnight Special / Joseph Dunphy

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Myopic Midnight Special / Joseph Dunphy

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