Not Your Typical Females


This is a group for girls ages 13-21. Please join if:

1) you hate gossiping.
2) you're not loud or obnoxious.
3) you like the mall, but you don't wanna be there all day.
4) you're not into the latest fashion, you just wear whatever you like.
5) you don't understand girls who try to look glamorous when they're only going to school.
6) you can't stand girls who talk like cheerleaders, or talk like they're 12-years-old.
7) you can't stand girls who are overly animated.
8) you despise girls who obviously have fake personalities.
9) you like talking to guys a lot better than you like talking to other girls.
10) you think makeup is a waste of time.

Whether you're a tomboy, semi-tomboy, or just a girl who's laid-back, self-assured, always tries to be herself, and stands out from the others, then this is the group for you! Enjoy and post your writing :]

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