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Please take some time...wrote on a stream of thought

16 Years Ago

I sit stuck in an addiction of fate. S**t happens, rite? I mean honestly, when it all comes down to that very climatic point, in which, one can conceive to comprehend the focal view of humanity. This, is no lyrical justification of who, we, come to be. Selfish and self centered. We build things to only make our job easier and cheaper but, yet, they always must be replaced. Our economy is drowning in a sea of a few rich. Monopolies, they don�t exist anymore; they call themselves big business. Like a bully overcrowding the market place with an �exceptional� product. Wonder why they, Chinese and Japanese, are advanced!? Because there, you just want to improve the s**t hole you live in. They want change. They use their lives to better everyone else instead of making the delusional quick buck like us; not caring for the heartless cowards. Oh, donate some money so you don�t look bad�not too much now, not like they have endless amounts of it anyway from what their doing. They get a tax cut. Saving more and more of their wealth; no dramatic description word there, their pockets are bigger than dump trucks. Hell, they own the company that makes �em and they have 4 lines of slightly better models. Companies no longer fight to make a better product here. House hold indulges seem to be the only thing fueling this clich� way of life. Smile pretty, s**t, you can tan and look like someone else. Feel like someone else. Feel better; like you have eyes on you all the time. Must say manners, as well, have been hindered. Not to say I am a gentlemen of any sort, but I can see people walking into doors before they knock. That mere event is the epitome of the truth. It�s actually quite funny; but the point is one of meaning. You unconsciously thought it was ok to barge in; unaware what�s behind the door and allow them to comfortably enjoy your face when they open the door, or as I see if you were maybe an enemy. As you can picture, not a friend barges in your door, but a foe coming in without the silent approval of the other person; so meaningless this really is though. Just a thought on the mannerism of society; full of prescription drugs and suicidal thinkers. The world sucks! Oh, is that what your kids want to hear! The incidental ignorance is no mere approval of the masses. Watching horror movies and being threatened by the aspects of life is what we are based on. Never surrendering; but who is asking us to? No one! It�s like a boxer swinging in a lightless room full of people. When that punch lands you better be ready. Your only defense is distance. Be happy you�re the one guy in the corner, but why cannot the others fight back? Stand united!? See there is hidden blasphemy. Nor can I say it any clearer. Even traitors speak truths in these corridors of the eclectic government we live in. I don�t fight for a non democracy; I fight for a better one. Something the people can go and say, least were smiling and not crying, right? Isn�t that one you�d rather be in? Most of us are smiling, but the ones who aren�t�lets just say our hands look spotless compared to theirs. There is room everywhere for improvement. Our donations to other nations are exactly the same as big business. Look ain�t we so nice. Listen, ain�t isn�t a word. This is another sigh of our double take on the people. Raising up costs them money, that�s why they feed us prescription drugs to calm us down. No, you�re angry because you need Zoloft. Not, simply because you were born that way. Since day one we have been altering ourselves. You can�t bleed without certain ideas leaking away; ever slowly away. My sincerity however is placed drop dead in the middle of the theological and physical downfalls of our persons. Music seems to be our revolution of thought. We speak there, at least the one who can do. Our voices are meant for change; Fighting for better; Looking at the costs and benefits of our every day choices. This isn�t hard. Does it affect more than just me? If it does, is there another way. Can one be better off because they are like me. Like me? Like you? What the f**k do you think we all came from? It�s magic! Life is magical!? Can I smoke what that persons having�honestly consider once in our meaningless existence, to want to better off the next coming person. A trail doesn�t start by tearing down everything that helps you, but by tearing down the obstacles in the way. Simple? I think so, I believe almost anyone does. Yet, it�s so hard to do this. Respect is earned, not given; what a slogan. We should put that on our badges instead for god and country since we so honestly worship his every whim by putting small business on shelves and starving our own people where cameras don�t seem to go. My friends outside, hope this made sense�