Poets Unite In Words


A picture taken in slow motion, words form in my mouth,
With the push of a finger the camera clicks, your words are flung intomy face forever,
Why do we live day by day, to only wake up the next morning, feeling the same,
A war within, lost on the day you opened your eyes.
Endless moments fly past as I look in the mirror to see someone else,
To look for a person better than the one I am.
Millions of shatters, seven years of bad luck, the mirror brakes,
Blood drip slowly from my hand, pieces of flesh ripped from my hand,
Sometimes it is hard to accept the fact that I don't know what I am saying,
Dried up emotion, cold, hard ideas form in my head,
But words, the basic form of speech, I don't know what to say,
This poem will end on some verses that doesn't make any sense,
For I the poet, has the ability to play with your mind,
To make you see images with only a few words,
Tears of blood slowly run down my face,
Did you see that, I made you think,
The power of a couple of words,
I am done...

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South Africa

In wonderland.