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14 Years Ago

This group is great, but let's get serious. We all want my writing to be featured. How do we make that happen?

I say you people should reply ot this, and we consider each of those replies as a statement for change. Make Matt's writing the featured writing.

Thank you.

I'm Matt Hernandez and I approve this message.

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14 Years Ago

hmmm, dunno mate, I mean, I only counted 20-something different punctuation marks in that piece, including in the notes at the end. Think you might have to step it up. We can't have commas outnumbered by words.

On a more serious note, I will get around to featuring some writing, will probably change it every 3-4 days, or will leave it for longer if I run a comp and feature the winner. I decided I would wait and see how active this group became before I started doing that.

So submit your piece, and because I like it, I will probably feature it, but not first, nooo, because you asked :p