I want to play a game. here is how you can play with me: The add-a-line story has been around long before the Internet, but it has become a popular email game to play because of its potential for humor and its ease of play. The story can take any number of hilarious turns and can last as long as those participating want it to. To play the game, one person starts the story by writing a single line. The players can decide if the line ends at the end of a sentence or if the writer has to stop as soon as they hit the end of the page margin, regardless of if they are in the middle of a sentence or not. This game requires at least two people to play but can be passed around between as many people as you want. This is done by establishing the order in which the story circulates. When the story is deemed complete, send the full story around to everyone so all will have a chance to read it.

its uselly played through email, but I want to play it here for fun.

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the first line.

liberty sheldon

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