Reading, Writing, And Life Challenge


I have a feeling some may assume this has little to do with writing in general. On the contrary, if you could not read, then how do you suppose you could write?

I created a mid-year resolution to read as many books I possibly can within 1 year.
I did this because in 2007 40% of the population of America had read no more than 1 book.
I feel this is mainly due to the ridiculous excuse, "I don't have time to read."
I hope you will join and not only read gratuitous amounts, but juggle that in with the many other things you have to do to prove that there is ALWAYS time to read. Help the world re-embrace literature by reading and keeping count of how many books you have read between your own set dates.

Submit any type of literature regularly to show you can write and still have time to read.
Make a post in the forum (and regularly update it) to show the titles and authors of the books you have been reading.

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