Reasons to Recover


1. Get a notebook, journal, or diary. Something nice that represents you. But it doesn't have to be fancy.
2. Write on the front. "REASONS TO RECOVER" or "RECOVERY BOOK" or some title that says that it's YOUR book. Title it however you want to.
3. On the first page, write down all the things you hate about yourself, or the situation you're in. Anything bad, negative, or painful in your mind, write it down. Get it all out.
4. Rip out the page. Destroy it. Rip it up. Shred it. Burn it (If you're a kid, do it with a parent around. Be safe, or you'll burn the house down.) Get rid of all the negative, bad, poisonous thoughts. Think of destroying this paper as a fresh start.
5. On the next first page, write you're name and what you want to recover from. For instance, I'd say: "I'm Jenna, and I want to recover from cutting and suicidal thoughts.
6. Now, find a friend that you can trust. Tell them about what you're doing, and ask them to be there for you when you need them. And if you don't have a friend to help you, message me, and I'll be you're friend.
7. Next, use the rest of the book in one or many of the following ways:

-List reasons for you to recover. This can include people you want to recover for, things that you want to do after you recover, things you want to wear, places you want to see, foods you want to try, anything.
-Scribble, draw, go crazy with paint or a marker.
-Write poems or short stories.
-Have some friends sign a page or two. Have family do the same. These are people that want to help you recover.
-Use some pages as a journal entry.
-Glue pictures into the notebook. Inspirational ones, not ones that bring you down. (THIS IS NOT A THINSPO JOURNAL. IF PICTURES OF THIN PEOPLE BRING YOU DOWN OR MAKE YOU WANT TO RELAPSE, DO NOT PUT THEM IN.)
-Write or glue in quotes, Bible verses, or inspirational song lyrics.
-Be creative. Do what you think will help you recover. If you have ideas, tell me about them and how they worked.

8. Take this journal everywhere you go, if possible. Look through it or use it when you are feeling down, or like you want to purge, throw up, cut, burn, or anything else. Even if you are just sad or depressed, use this journal. It is for your benifit.
9. Have hope. I promise things will get better eventually.

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