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The Popular never ending story game taught in many classrooms is now coming to writers JUST LIKE YOU!
Please add:

You will submit your part of the story there and it will be posted here!

1) You must add the account first
2) Message the account and wait for a confirmation for your order in the story
3) Look at the page with the title of the story you will be taking place in
4) Read any previous chapters or notes on the story
5) When it is your turn you will have 48 hours to submit your part (at least one paragraph) to the link above.
6) All material must be PG-13, if not it will be marked 'R' any subject to deletion
7) Please be kind to your fellow writers, no bashing! The whole point is to see if this works ALL TOGETHER
8) You must go on your turn only, other wise your hard work will be deleted
9) If you fail to go within 48 hours the next person will be notified (check scheduele page often)
10) I will always be the last one to go! The topics under the titles are to be followed.

Thank You

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