Story by the WritersCafe Group!


We each take a turn to write a paragraph and BAM! Turn what we wrote into story!


Yes there are rules.

Rule 1: Anyone can join in. Even if you just noticed after a few of us wrote our paragraphs, you can still join.
Rule 2: You cannot jump from genre to genre but you can mix genres like action/fantasty, myster/horror like that. No jumping.
Rule 3: Paragraphs cannot be too long like take half of the whole doc. Paragraphs must be at least 20 words max.
Rule 4: No getting mad. If someone wrote a paragraph that you didn't want or expect, then the other will or you if your next can put in what he/she/you want it to be.
Rule 5: You have only 4 days to write/submit your work. If you are busy and/or don't have time to write your part, we will move on to the next person.
Rule 6: Have fun! Invite your fellow fan-friends! All are welcome, new/old characters included!

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