The Aristocracy Of Pull


Add in your writing that screams that you are a leader of men, or simply about leaders of men.

This is a group for the future of America. A future that will not accept the rules forced upon then at their coming of age. This is a group for people who are elitists and wear that title not as a mark of shame but as a symbol of pride. After all, is not the meaning of "elite" simply "the best". What is wrong with being proud of the best in yourself? Of one is not elitist in one form or another, then the fact is that person lacks self-esteem and self-respect. Basically this a group of doers. If you are ready to be apart of the best of the best, and work for the greater good this group is for you.

Please, anyone who decides to join, invite your friends that you think are extraordinary, it does not matter how far away or in what way they are talented, this is a group to connect the leaders of tomorrow, the doers among us who show great promise. Also, if anyone has any social projects or groups that they think that it would be beneficial for others to take part in please post them in the discussion or n the wall along with any other thoughts or comments. Thank all of you so much.

Just so you know, yes the mane is pulled from the title of a chapter in Ayn Rand's classic, Atlas Shrugged. Anyone who has read it will also understand the significance of this group.

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