The Bones


The most important thing about this group is I want it to be like a real writer's group where we as members read each other's work not just to praise, but to help, encourage, and leave each other with something to go out and write on...

Look at the writing here, see if you are a fit... similar styles and interests make better writing partners.

A blend of the surealism, horror, suspense, thriller... the likes of stephen king, dean koontz, pearson, patterson, cornwell, fayhe, connelly, if you want feedback and this is your genre... submit it here and it will be read and given a detailed review. Its all about helping each other flesh out the story on the bones.

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Roxi L

Roxi L

A Kingdom Far, Far Away, MD

I'm going to be slowly moving my stuff to Wattpad in the nex..


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