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Climbers Challenge #1

14 Years Ago

Since this group is called The Mountain Climbers, I find it only fitting our first challenge be about a mountain. Find a picture of a mountain that you find inspiring and write about it. Write about what it would be like to climb this mountain. Have fun, and remember to challenge yourself.

Re: Climbers Challenge #1

14 Years Ago

Originally posted by Man in the Hat
The mountain towered above him, the ground lay what seemed endless below him. His breathing was heavy and ragged as his bloodied fingers dug into the moist earth and rock of Shul'Tarq, highest of the Aviary Peaks.   A snap of wind caught him off guard suddenly, the wind howling into his ears as he fell towards the rocky sea below. He reached out with his hand, grasping tightly onto the first hand hold he could find... only to be greeted by a distinct pop as his fingers dislocated. He quickly swung his other hand up to grab the small ledge, to help alleviate the pain from his now damaged hand.   He took a deep breath, and cradling his quickly swelling hand to his chest he began to make the slow ascent upwards once again. Using his good hand, he hoisted himself further up on the ledge, and began to slowly make his way up the rock surface. He became intently aware of the taste of iron, and carefuly looked down to spit blood from his mouth.   His body was beaten, clothes tattered, and covered in scrapes and bruises. As if it all hadn't been bad enough with nearly breaking his hand, he bit his tounge when he fell. "Typical." he spat dryly.   It seemed like hours, maybe days, but at long last he managed to place his hand atop the cliff. His fingers could feel the cool smooth stones, worn down by years of nesting and wind. He let out a sigh of relief and quickly it turned into a howl of rage as the heel of a boot came smashing down onto his fingers.   His eyes snapped up to the face of a man grinning down at him, the boot grinding ever more painfully into his hand. His feet started to kick and dig into the mountain seeking leverage to keep his balance, and at last as he found it he pushed himself upwards, his swollen fingers gripping the scoff of the man's shirt collar.   He let out a low growl, the bones in his other hand cracking under the pressure of the mans boot, as he gripped tightly to the shirt and let himself fall backwards. The wind howled around both of them as they fell faster and faster towards the rocks and the churning sea.   As the rocks loomed closer, his eyes grew wide... as he realized the man he was carring down with him shared the same face. This man, himself, whatever it was smiled wider then he realized even he could and began to laugh. A deep, menacing laughter as they both plunged into the sea.   He awoke, in a cold sweat, surrounded only by the night sounds of the woods and the crackling of a dieing fire.

Not exactly my most inspired work. I just couldn't seem to get into the feel for it... but here it is, my submission.