The Mountain Climbers


It's not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves. - Sir Edmund Hillary

In order to grow in life there must be challenges; struggles. It is the same in our writing. We must challenge ourselves in order to grow as writers. Learning in life is never complete, as shall it be with our writing. We will climb the mountain to strengthen our minds and even our souls. We are THE MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS. Shall our climb ever be enlightening.

In this group we will be doing weekly challenges in order to expand the abilities we have as writers. These may start as challenges that I come up with myself, but I am more than open to any suggestions that anyone else has. Any form of writing is accepted here. I do ask that if you have a particular comfort zone (Mine is poetry), that we venture out and try something new every once in a while. Let yourself explore. It doesn't matter if you succeed or fail. What matters is that you take the journey and finish it to the end. Other than being a group for those who want to challenge themselves more, this is also a place of fellowship, so feel free to post in the forum as you feel the need. Welcome all.

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Climbers Challenge #1

Ashley Robel

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