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This group is approval only. We wish only to promote serious reviews and establish relationships by placing the spotlight on a particular novel per week. Each author gets his chance to shine and be the feature novel of the week. All members will be involving in providing feedback and suggestions, intimately diving into the novels of other writers and having the same happen to the own novels. Please do not join if you are not wiling to read the work of others... then again shouldn't you support the industry you wish to master. DO NOT ASK TO JOIN THIS GROUP IF YOU VISIT THIS SITE ONCE A WEEK!


1. Each author will have their work selected to be the feature of the week.
2. Every member needs to be involved in reviewing! We want to bath writers with feedback
3. Be honest, but be respectful
4. Moderator will select featured authors
5. No more than 3 chapters of a novel per week
6. Help your members develop their stories, characters, and skill
7. Reviews should be detailed and refer back to the story/characters example:

How much I like/disliked the story/ Pros/Cons/Suggestions

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