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I did not consider myself a "regional writer" until I suddenly had the concept introduced to me in a community college Publishing course. At first, I rather resented the title - writing should be accessible to all.

But then I started to think. Everyone is, in some way or another, a regional writer. Mark Twain is the quintessential American writer. Nobody thinks of him, and thinks "Oh, he was that non-European writer," or, "Mark Twain, a good, strong writer in all regards." No. It's, "Mark Twain, American Author and Satirist".

Then there are more specific examples, local examples: Jack London is synonymous with Alaska. Robert Frost's poetry is inexorably linked with New England.

I came to realize that being a "regional writer" is nothing to be ashamed of: it's something to aspire to, to be the very best representative of your region that you can be, to show all who read my so-called "regional work" what the world looks like from my "regional outlook."

This group is for "regional writers" of the Pacific Northwest: Washington, Oregon and California, and the unique view we have on our world's social, political, scientific, romantic, and any other -als and -ics you can imagine. But not just for them - anyone who wants to read some regional work of the Pacific Northwest is welcome to join and experience our work, exactly as it is.

Welcome to the Pacific Northwest.

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