The Pythagoreans


"Cogito, ergo sum". I think, therefore I am.
This group is not only for writers who see the connection between Mathematics and Art, but in general for those writers whose work is strictly connected to the other Arts as well. For writers that are not just writers but Artists.
For the ones who are ready to be part of a group, a Guild, a Circle of true artists whose goal is to free the "ars gratia artis", Pure Art, their inner soul and their true nourishment.

Writers who don't step back from challenges and believe in improving and helping their fellows by giving constructive criticism.

I myself will review all the submitted literature, because by creating this group I made a committment to you all and I intend to maintain it...

So, after that solemn introduction, let's get practical. :) I will only allow in this group literature that I will judge fitting to the group's
intent... and since this is a Guild, and I promised I will review all the work submitted by you, I must limitate the number of members-- to get the group going I will invite the writers whose work I admire the most, and then I will see to the requests that are sent to me.

There will probably be a challenge every 2 weeks on Fridays and one of the challenges will be a contest to establish the new Featured Writer.

One last thing: this is my first group.. so be patient, I still have to get used to being a Moderator :)

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The Pythagoreans - Challenge #1

August 31, 2007 - September 9, 2007

The Pythagoreans - Challenge #1

The Pythagoreans - Challenge #1

August 31, 2007 - September 7, 2007

The Pythagoreans - Challenge #1


Challenge #1!


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