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Ahhh...I see Sunlight!!

13 Years Ago

Hi all,

I am returning from my cave and have great insight to offer you all regarding the path to enlightenment and the cure for the human condition.

Not really, but I do have a grumbling stomach and bed sores and a tweaked neck from using a stone as a pillow. I have been writing these many months, but doing it in isolation and I'm ready to share some of my writing again and review your works and generally attempt to be a more sociable kinda guy.

So, I am glad to see you are here, though some have obviously been in your own caves. I probably won't get a review done today, but I will be back on track this week, so thanks for keeping a candle in the window.

Enough with the light metaphors. I look forward to seeing what y'all have been up to.

Peace out,

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13 Years Ago


So great to see you. How did the writing in a cave go? I look forward to the new stuff. In the meantime, glad to have you back.