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Who are you?

14 Years Ago

This is a brief section to say hello and give a brief background about yourself.  I hope that everyone will drop a line here and state the following:  Name; Schooling; What do you like to write, fantasy, sci-fi, ect; What do you feel your strength as a writer is?  Weakness;  Goals; why do you write and have you been published?


Name: H. Duane Sharpe

Schooling:  I am a graduate of Central Haywood High and I am a Junior seeking a B.A. in Literature w/ a minor in Professional Writing at Western Carolina University.  I hope to be full time writer one day, but right now I plan on teaching and journalism until the time is right.

What do I like to write?  I like to Fantasy and Science Fiction with elements of psychological horror and self exploration and romance

What do I feel my strength is as a writer?  I feel my strength is lies in my tense description of action and the way I capture painful emotions in my characters.

What do I feel my weakness is? Definately dialouge.  I have a hard to using deliberately placed and functional dialouge and I often will use unneeded adverbs.

Why do I write?  I have always felt compelled to.  It's the only thing that has ever felt natural for me to do other than breath, eat, toilicate, and sleep.  I quess it's my fifth element.

Am I published?  Sure. I have published under a psydeunym in the free E-Zine the Monster Next Door.  I sold the rights to a poem to F and W publishing a while back, but where they published it, or if it was is a mystery since they fell to return phone calls after you've been paid.