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This is a group for the Romantic Writer, not the Romance Writer; however romances are accepted. This group is for the writer who uses his or her pure imagination, crafting every element of their story from the deepest fantasies of the mind.

The term Romantism was a movement in the 1800's after the French Revolution. It was a revolt against the ideals of science in the age of Enlightenment. It brought about the term hero (Athurian Legend) , often depicted far off imaginary settings with princesses, offered deep psychological study and involved the supernatural and the occult (Poe and Hawthorne). Realism and Transcendentalism where the movements that spawned agaisnt Romantism, yet it's elements survive today in Fantasy, Science Fiction, Romance, and Horror.
Some of us (writers) write in the "Real" experience of the the everyday ordinary. The everyday events that happen in the ordinary lives and can tell tale yarns. Yet some of us can and have to go above and beyond that call and we have ordinary settings with god-like characters, or we have extravogent created worlds with plain characters who evolve to perform heroic feats in the face of the theoretically impossible and make it believable. That is who this group is for. If that defines you...welcome to our little group.

Writing Submissions and Review Guidelines: Though poetry is great and I am not discouraging you from publishing it in this group, I would prefer to see stories. Please NO PORNOGRAPHY. Love and sex scenes are great when they have a purpose to a story, but graphic descripitions are not welcomed here, sorry.
If you have something you feel that is awesome please put a note up in the forum for a read request and hopefully we can help you get ready for publishing. Everyone is encouraged to help out your fellow writer by reviewing his or her work, but please give sensible reviews. Do not insult by saying that sucks, instead say it just didn't hit home to you and try to give one reason why you did not like it. Same thing if you like someones work, give a reason why you did like it, like if they used common language or the theme came through clear. If you notice typos, grammer, mechanics, or syntex errors please point them out. Not only are you helping out another person, but yourself as well by teaching yourself to spot errors in your own work as you write.
If you post something and have borrowed from someone else please cite it unless it is just really common knowledge. It is the curtious thing to do. I don't mind someone borrowing my ideas as long as I recieve credit and I am sure you feel the same.

What I ask of writers who wish to be part of this group is participate once a week and if not every other week by posting in the forum inspiration, a lesson in the craft (something brief, but enough to help an aspiring writer learn something new such as dialouge or plot advice) what you are working on, magazines or publishers who are looking for prose to print, and help if you need it.

I hope that this group may be used as an information vessel, a learning experience for the hobbyist and way to brush up on skills for the advanced craftman. Just remember to contribute every other week if not once a week. If you contribute more...Great! But that is all up to you.

I hope to feature writers once a month by hosting a contest for the group the month before. The group will decide on this writer through voting.

I only look to moderate this group and keep it limited to extremely imaginative and those seriously looking to learn new things and gather new perspectives.

Since I am the moderater I will post a general discussion topic once a week, please use this for your experience and please keep the forums professional. You may exchange emails or use the cafe to discuss personal matters other than anything pertaining to writing and literature.

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