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The Story Magazine is a magazine that is completely dedicated to the art of storytelling. Anything from short stories, series, and plays to narrative poetry and comics (graphic novels if you’re too old to be reading comics ;-) ) is welcome and enjoyed within our pages.

The Story Magazine is for everyone who has ever enjoyed lying in bed at night, reading a story. It’s for everyone who enjoys the company of stories to watching movies. The writers for The Story Magazine are those few people who master the art of taking a reader into another world where they would live an experience that is completely different from their own for a few hours, just through reading.

The Story Magazine team is calling for all the writers that would like to take part in changing the lives of some people for a few hours every once in a while to submit their entries if they want to join the team. We’re hoping to have the first issue out very soon but this will only be possible with your contribution.

Submit your entries at: [email protected]

Please note that each entry will be thoroughly reviewed by our editors against the elements of style of both story writing and of grammar and structure.

The entries will be reviewed against:
1- Language and spelling (-/10)
2- Narration (-/20)
3- Plot (-/20)
4- Characters (-/20)
5- Dialogue (-/20)
6- Description (-/10)

The total score is out of 100. Scoring Under 50% in any of the above or in the total will not qualify the entry for publishing.

We are looking forward to receiving your entries :-)

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