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This group is designed for those of us that are serious about improving our craft and are looking to give and receive true and honest criticisms of our work. This group is for those of us that aren't satisfied to hear, "ooooh, you are so good" or "geez, you really suck." This group is for those book and short story writers that are seeking to give and receive detailed, constructive criticism so that our writing can become worthy of publishing.

Each time one of us posts a new story or a new chapter to a book, it will be featured here and each of us will be asked to give it a full and complete review. Each time I post a new story, I get one or two serious critiques that help me significantly. I can only imagine how quickly I could learn if I was receiving twenty of those instead.

We will also post forums with subjects designed to educate and to pass along information regarding publishing opportunities. Everyone is encouraged to participate.

Membership in this group is by invitation only. I'm inviting those that have helped me significantly or those that have sought out my help and proven they are serious about wanting to improve. I'm asking you to do the same...invite others of a like mind, those that have offered you serious help or come to you for your assistance. It's open to all age groups and talent levels, the only criteria being the desire to improve and help others improve. I believe through this group, we can build a fantastic core of committed writers and receive a wide range of opinions to consider as we edit our work.

Poets are also welcome...some of the best help I've received on here has come from poets. But understand that for the most part, we are a group of story writers with no background or expertise in poetry, so we may not be as helpful to you as you are to us. Poetry will not be featured in this group, but that certainly doesn't mean that we won't support your work if you are supporting ours!

Join us and let's all get published!

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