The Tough Life


So you went through a tough life and what do you do? Write it into a poem, story, or a book. Well post it all here! It can be about love, war, even just your everyday life. The ones who went through the tough times can surely find a home here.

I will promise you I will review your work if you post it up! I will read ever word (sometimes I scan but I won't do this to you) and review. Other group members are able to review (obviously) just to make you happy (even if the review is good or bad. It just feels good someone read your writing.) so you are welcome to post your writings.

When I see there are enough writings posted by more than one person I will start a contest! Most of the contest will be voted by the viewers. But if I want I might choose. So write write write!

I go to different groups and see forms are barely filled or replied. Come on people talk to each other! Give each other ideas or talk about your life (if you're comfortable) or moments in life. I will always start first. Also new post would be on every once a week. So come by to check if a post is up. It may be a warning of a new contest!

Remember, these are tough times writings. If it's about love the love must be complicated. Not happy endings (maybe) happy endings are boring. Poems can be short but not extremely long (as I said, I'm reviewing each writing). Books can have any amount of chapters. Have fun with it! And it's okay if it's sad. Just write your experiences.

If you think someone you know should join this group, do not, I repeat do not be afraid to ask them to join. More members more fun! Also more contests!

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Tate Morgan

Tate Morgan

Marion , OH