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A group for those writers whose work has been inspired by, or is comparable in theme or style to that of the Seer of Shepperton, J.G. Ballard.
I have started this group mainly due to my shock at being unable to find a Ballard themed group anywhere on this site. So, all those who enjoy and/or have been stimulated by the writer of 'Crash', 'Empire of the Sun', 'High Rise', 'The Atrocity Exhibition','The Drowned World', 'Super-Cannes', etc may come here to showcase their own work as well as mingle a little with fellow Ballardians.
Also, in the interests of inclusion, feel free to join even if you have very little firsthand knowledge/experience of the world of Ballard but perhaps know his work by reputation and are intrigued to find out more. Likewise, all writers of amoral/post-modern/dystopian/speculative fiction and sci-fi are entirely welcome.

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