Urban Fantasy Review Board


A place where the things that go bump in the night, get shot.
What happens when your nosy neighbor is a witch, or your boss a deity? Is that a cat on your porch a shape shifting hoodlum? Do gremlin gang-bangers keep stealing your lawn ornaments? Did your girlfriend hex you after a bad break up? Are you a fallen angel forced to assimilate to modern society?
Urban Fantasy is a group for fiction writers whose prose tends to lead them toward an urban, present-day setting. Mixing literary fantasy with modern situations, our integration of two seemingly diverse genres creates an intensely worth-while read. From the big city, to the suburbs, to a third world war zone where Elfin snipers take pot shots at human mercenaries, the more unique, the better.
Not only do you submit a piece, but you get your work reviewed by other members. Creative and constructive criticisms, reviews, and anything else to help other writers improve their work is our main goal. You have to give to receive, or I will send the three headed hellhounds to your house.
Remember: If you want your work critiqued and reviewed by other fledging writers to make it better, then be prepared to critique someone else�s work yourself.

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