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so you can register in the comments with something about yourself and then i will put the list on the home page i am the maker of this group so you have to ask me noteafy me if you want to be a vocaloid ok and if you want to make your own vocaloid you can but you have to have art and it cant be crappy from like ms paint and you have to know something about the charater to be them so yeah add coments here about yourself and the vocaloid you want to play hope this makes people happy and you dont need the cosplay for that character and you can make songs and stuff and storys and art sorry if i miss spell oh and you have to be the gender your character is so im a girl i would be a girl on ok read all of this to know how to register

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What Vocaloid are you?

~Death The Kid~ ☜♥☞

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Roleplay Time

Tsuki Kyori

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Makeig you OWN Vocaloid

~Death The Kid~ ☜♥☞

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