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Hi everybody, having a nice day?
So, is there any piece of writing you seriously want people to get known? If so, just join and you will get reviews! You can add your newest writing here, and you will get a review by me, and of course, I seriously hope EVERYONE will review each other, but the rule is, you need to review back! OK, I am not going to be rude and shout at you to review, but if you dont review, how can you get people to review you?

So, I know, bit of TOO rude now, so, lets calm down and get know a bit more, after all, you ARE going to get reviews! I dont care which piece of others writing you review, but as long as you do, you belong here.

I am not being a strict person, I just wanna to give everyone a review, and of course, that could be more if you review others, to know more , you can read the forum - Welcome.
And Of course, you are always welcome here.

One more last thing, read the forum 'Welcome', its a intro to tell you how to add wriitng and earn revies!
One more last thing, bare in mind, 3 writes a time, I will tell you when you can add another 3 after a week or two, you know, theres lot of writes!

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