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Poets, novelists, essayists, short story writers, playwrights,
journalists...If you write and have a site that you would like to
link to mine, then I would like to hear from you. A reciprocal
link will seal the deal...PLUS you will also have access to a
new blog, where you will can post your excerpts and related
material on a regular basis. Oh, wow! You have got to be
kidding! All of that FREE publicity and exposure!

Ayup...We have our reasons. But we are also very interested
in helping to promote our peers whenever and however possible.
So, if you interested, please get back to us ASAP. There will
be limited space!

The 2 sites we are offering are as follows:

The Portfolio: (Your link will be
on a separate page, called �Artistic Links�, created especially for
this purpose. We also have another page: �Bio Blurbs� for those
who are interested. Just that much more exposure.)

The Portfolio Blog: (Note: Although
brand-spanking new, this blog has been highly syndicated,
promulgated, listed and advertized in about as many ways as
we know how and is already getting �unsolicited hits� from visitors
from everywhere. Witness the �Recent Visitors� button on the
right-hand side tab and the number of directories/syndicators
listed there, as well, which are only a fraction of the actual total;
which is to say: if you post something here, it will be getting national
and, quite likely, worldwide exposure. Also, please note that links
back to your sites and/or storefronts will not only be allowed,
but also encouraged. This is a win/win, folks!)

Serious inquiries only, please.

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