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Hey Guys,

Welcome to my latest project: an online creative writing course for writers of all ages! I've been writing and studying literature my entire life. I'm not a professional, but I do have a pretty good understanding of what makes a piece good as I also can give feedback on how to improve a piece. Therefore, I decided to make an online creative writing course for all of those who are interested!

The way it works is like this: I'll post a "book" titled Writing With Cassandra Violet and each new week I'll post a chapter, or, that weeks lesson and assignment. Read through that weeks posted chapter and then complete the given assignment, message it to me or email it and we'll go over it.

The intentions of this online class are:
-To help me improve with teaching creative writing since its what I'm going to college for
-To help you as a writer understand poetry
-To help you get honest feedback and have someone where who actually cares about you as a writer and wishes to see your work read by the world.
-To help you understand not only the medium of your art, but the world in which it is read to. I want to help you understand the publishing world, career opportunities, the publishing process, etc... everything to help you become who you are- a writer.

The first class I'm going to give will be on poetry and then if this is a success the second one I will give will be on fiction writing.

So the first lesson has been posted! Take a look at it, invite your friends and lets get started!

If you have friends who would be interested in this then I'm also making an online blog to post the lessons on which can be found here:

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