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By the virtue and wisdom of God, I quit.

3 Years Ago

Was I honestly, sincerely, genuinely sent this copied-and-pasted scam from this Group as well as its founder?

If your accounts got hacked---and thus went on this insidious scheme under the thinly veiled conceit and guise of religion to take advantage of, to abuse, to bait some prospective victims' naivety and religion, to grift by the faux 'Power of the All Mighty Dogmatic Dangling Carrot', this honorary, two-cent piece of placebo paper that all but states 'I was swindled out of $50 (not $40) by some sacrilegious, selfish coward, who doesn't even have the nerve to see the faces of whom he preys on'----then I'm sorry and I hope you change your accounts' passwords.

The following is the money-grabbing scheme's message I received from this Group and its founder's accounts:

'Would you be interested in taking an Exorcism class though the Catholic Church?
An Exorcist Explains the Demonic
The Antics of Satan and His Army of Fallen Angels
Fr. Gabrielle Amorth, S.S.P. with Fr. Auston McCary Adiv., Fr. Shawn D. Blankenship, DDiv. Ph.D.

This text provides basic yet helpful phenomenological information and guidelines on a number of spiritual remedies, from exorcisms to house blessings.
At the low cost of $40 to Fr. Auston W. McCary, and the passing of this tesst, you will be bestowed an Honorary degree, making you legal, to hunt and cast out Demonic Demons.
Show the world your knowledge of Demons, from such teachers as Fr. Gabriele Amorth, the chief exorcist of the Vatican, as he explains how evil can infect the human body, the nature of sin and the contraction of spiritual evils, and how and when and exorcism is performed.
Click here to sign up! Rev. Fr. Shawn D. Blankenship, DDiv., Ph.D., MsP., Associate Minister for the ULC Independent Catholic Church, LLC! By the Power of God the Father; by the wisdom of God the Son; by the virtue of the Holy Ghost,
We Pray,
May God be with you!'

And so, to whomever wrote these messages, you're a sociopath (I originally wrote a different word, but I'll leave that to your imagination). If you do, indeed, manage to find someone foolish enough to waste their money on you, I hope you buy yourself some humanity.