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WritingFreak is a club, or group of highly skilled writers. Including:
Founder: S. D. Blankenship
Programmer: A. C. Lewis

In 2008 Writing Freak, was given the name Writing Word. However, S. D. Blankenship and A. C. Lewis felt this name should be changed at a latter time to keep productions flowing on thier YouTube account WarlockCowboy.

We felt we should broaden our member’s here on Writerscafe.org, by Aresta Ent. And thanks to Charles and Patrick Konser we can now do that.

Feel free to boast your writings here.

Only member’s of Writing Freak may join.
~S. D. Blankenship

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By posting your writings in WritingFreak you here-by give A. C. Lewis, or S. D. Blankenship a sole use to share, trade, market, buy, or use freely, any writings, copyrighted under your name.

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S. D. Blankenship writing as Ulisigi Wa Ya

S. D. Blankenship writing as Ulisigi Wa ..

Alderson,, WV

Lol, You are not week, the girls just can't handle all your ..