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Update and Member Info

14 Years Ago

Hey guys and gals,

First of all I just want to say that what an amazing turn out we had today at our first real meeting. I can already tell that there's so much potential in the group just from what I've seen and heard today. I just want to say that its going to be an amazing year for our high school writing club!

Also I can see that a few of us have already made our accounts and joined the group, (or else you wouldn't be reading this thread) and all I need for you guys is just a little bit of your memeber info. Don't worry its not anything big and personal. All I really need from the members is the name you'll be using as your display name. Remember this name appears when people search for you and at the bottom of your works next the copyright.

I also need to you guys to maybe upload a photo for your profile. This doesn't have to be a photo of you, but it would help to have some sort of idea of who it is we're talking to. If you don't have a photo of you, don't worry about it, just upload some random image that suits your liking. The photo is only so that everyone can put some sort of image with your display name, sort of like putting a face to a name.

Well I do believe that's all, don't forget to reply to this thread so that everyone knows who's who. Thanks and remember our next meeting is November 5th!

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14 Years Ago

I now, for the foreseeable hereafter, do deem myself "Erin Sky"! Because its groovier than my given name. Maybe for those who join but missed the meeting we can repeat a bit of what we said there?

Display name: Erin Sky
Given name: Elizabeth R[o]cker

I mostly write poetry, and all my writing tends toward the fantastical, surreal, and/or supernatural. And lets not forget: political! and social! and other stuff that'll make fundies made at me. I dig fantasy/surrealist art and literature, as well as sci-fi, and I mean the intense stuff like Asimov, Heinlein, and Herbert. w00t.

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14 Years Ago

since i wasn't at the meeting, im not quite sure what to say...

ummmm... I'm Kim Drabek ...i think my username is kim drabek too....

i like to write.  yeah.  stories, books, poetry.  pretty much everything.  im trying to write a song, but that seems to be the one thing i can't do...

so, yeah.

what else am i sposed to say?

i love how completely grammatically incorrect this is...

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14 Years Ago

Hello, I'm Christina, but I'd like to go by Crisa. You can even call me that in real life, I'm not gonna take offense or anything, in fact, I'd prefer if you'd call me that since there are so many Christinas in our school. Um, I'm really excited about writing club (or cult).

Display Name: CrisaRei or Crisa, whichever.

Birth Name: Christina Manning

I like to write fanfiction, things that just pop into my head, short stories, and just whatever I want to write, I guess. You'll see what I mean once I get some things up. I don't like to write poetry that much, only when I feel inspired, because I'm a rhymer when it comes to poetry, and for some reason, I don't like it when things rhyme, but I rhyme...

I am also one of the editors of the newspaper and I plan on proposing to Mr. J that we change artist spotlight to writers' corner for short stories and poetry. =D

Oh, don't take offense to anything I say. Sometimes I accidentally blurt stuff out and sometimes I say, "You fail!" or "Your mom!" or sometimes I use a lot of sarcasm, depending.

So, yeah.

There we go.


P.S The hand picture is actually my hand. I got bored in Newspaper, so I scanned my hand. Don't tell Mr. J. >>

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14 Years Ago

I'm pretty sure I'm going to be known as SweetPersephone here. That's my commonly used username on fictionpress and some other writing sites as well. (On fanfiction.net, it's kuronekosama1990.) Anyway, my real name's Lacy, as you might guess from my signature.

I like to write snippets of things, mostly romance or strangeness. I enjoy writing fanfiction as well, though I'm horrible at it. Can I get a woot-woot from the fanficioniers?! (totally a made up word!)

Yay for that too.
and incorrect grammar :)

Zomigawd!!! O:

14 Years Ago

Hey dudes and dudettes!!

It's me!! Z'omg!! O:

I'm Kirstie A.

A.K.A. Little White Lie. :D


I like dark poetry, scary stories.

And pretty pictures.

I draw more than write.

But. I do enjoy writing.

I hope we can become friends. <3


OH! And you should, like. Totally add me.

Maybe we can talk more. ^-^

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14 Years Ago


I'm Lauren, and I have a problem... Apparently I'm a narcissist. Oh well.

My codename here is EnhanceMyDreams. But since I have a picture of myself on, it shouldn't be too difficult to figure out who I am.

I actually like writing free form poetry better than anything, but I don't write too much of it, to be perfectly honest. Actually, I don't write much at all, which is a shame, since I love to express myself through words. I'm hoping this will get me to write more.

I think that's about it for now.

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14 Years Ago

I'm Karly. I'm nutty, I'm an original, I'm fantastical. What else can I say... Just kidding.
I like to write poems mostly, I tend to write darker things because I can only seem to feel creative when I'm down, but I'm hoping to change that because I don't want to depress everyone. My favorite poets are Charles Baudelaire, Edgar Allen Poe, Shell Silverstein, Beatnik poets, and any random contemporary poet I can find. My taste so far as poetry goes isn't terribly refined, but oh well. I'm really into writing abstract, nonsensical things, I usually write dystopia, and poems that have some sort of political or social message. What more can I say...

I'm not a big fan of rhyming, my scemes always seem a bit elementary and it usually ends up changing what I'm trying to say, I mean I'm no Shakespeare.

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14 Years Ago

ok, i'm prolly getting way ahead of myself, but are we making t-shirts?  cause...i'm obsessed w/ t-shirts and just curious.

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14 Years Ago

Well what can i say about myself I write alot so once i get the free time i 'll type up everything and put it on my page I dont care what you call me Well actually i do Call me Alex those of you who know me as Aj can call me that All what...three of you. well anyways when it comes to what i write it is mostly poetry Lots of angst filled poems and funny poems about wierd ways too die. Then there is my Fiction work which is fairly long and often bieng changed due to how whimsical i am. I've written a few song lyrics (trying to write the music for them now) I have written a few fanfics but they are mostly about video games Namely "Tales of Symphonia" and "S.L.A.I." a few others here and there. I've written a few plays/screenplays, but that is a quick summary of me