writers of the heart


we here are those who right when we feel refuse to write what we don't and follow our own paths. like all good places we have rules and yes they must be followed.
to enter:
1. submit one of your writings
2. tell us a little about yourself ie your writing style and what you expect to gain from this group
3. don't be afraid of us we will help you
once entered:
1. review every work that is submited
2. participate in the forums weekly and help new members
3. tell us things that you think help to stop writers block and improve writings

1. warning
2. suspension
3. expulsion
i understand that we all have busy lives, but if you can't follow the rules then i'm sorry no if ands or buts. take care befoe you sign up that you know you have the time for this group i will have no lazy butts on here.

all writings are accepted i just want toknow what is on this site and want the chance to comment on everyones work. if you have any questions feel free to ask me i won't bite:)

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