The Half-Blood Princes

The Half-Blood Princes


In the process of an in depth discussion of a poem with another user, I seem to have been blocked. Welp.

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About Me

Back in Business as of 8/16/12

/1's poetry and fanfiction can be found Here. Eat your hearts out.

I know we haven't been around much in the last year. Believe me, I missed us too. But now that we finally have some free time, and have gotten back into the critiquing business over at Booksie, we thought we'd have another go here. My personal account is now out, so you fuckers can't b***h about that anymore :)

We are the Half Blood Princes.

In a world filled with bad writing and people too nice to review truthfully, The Half Blood Princes rise above this insanity. They review in a manor is honest and sometimes hurtful. But remember children, the truth will set you free...


Q: You sound 18? YEAH MORE LIKE -Insert age from 2-10 here-

A: This is getting really old. We're eighteen. Okay? Okay. Maturity doesn't come from age anyway, it comes from experience.

Q: Grow up! You're just making fun of others!

A: Um, wrong. We make fun of other's WRITING. There is a difference. And besides, we find it interesting you tell us to grow up when you're the ones insulting us personally.

Q: You just bash/flame people! If you actually criticized people, we'd actually like you!

A: None of these are questions. But I digress.
LIES. We DO try and help people. That's our main goal. See for yourself

Q: How dare you be so mean to Lachnille Papillion! She just posted a message to you! And you humiliated her publicaly too! THAT IS LOW SIR, THAT IS LOW.

A: I think you missed the line where she said, "Go ahead and review my post! I dare you" (paraphrasing) I call that an invitation. So we did just that. And publicly, because she posted her message to us publicly.

Q: Your spelling in this email/review is WRONG! Let mespend ten minutes picking your grammar and spelling apart and ignore your actual arguments. HAHA!

A: Published poems and stories/=/emails or reviews. We don't expect you to have to spell check your reviews of our emails, and you shouldn't expect us to. I do expect published work to be reread, edited, and spell and grammar checked however.

Q: How many are of you?

A: At the moment, five and growing. /1 and /2 are the most active.

Q: Who does what on the account?

A: Well, /1 and /2 do most of the work. We answer the emails and moderate the account. We all review, though I think I probably review the most.

Q: You guys are hiding behind a veil!

A: ...A veil? REALLY? Okay, I know you think that we are hiding, just because we call ourselves 1, 2, etc. But there's a reason we, as well as everyone else, don't tell our real names. And here it is: THIS IS THE INTERNET! We are all teenagers that have no reason to go shouting out our real names. Hiding behind a veil? Please. /2

Q: What's with the numbers?

A: It makes us feel cool.

Q: Selene/Lachnille Papillion must have been REALLY hurt by your video, and therefore I am going to speak on their behalf and send you ANGRY MESSAGES D:<

A: Both Selene and Lachnille seem to have found the video entertaining (which is cool, it was meant to be) So, ha!

Video has been taken down

Q: Do you get a lot of hate-mail?

A: Yep. And we answer all of it. Not one email goes unread. So if you feel like saying anything, go ahead and email us. We'll answer it.

Current "Blocked From Viewing" List~

-Tate Morgan
-Ostensible Truth
-Spoken Word
-Fabian G. Franklin

(We'll get around to you if we must)

Critical Acclaim for the Half Blood Princes:

"Ur gay and ugly"


"I wonder what your parents think? I think they would be pretty disgusted, with you childish people. But you know what…….. You'll be the losers in the end. Half the cafe hates you and it sort of becoming an honour to be in your video.... People mock you, they don't think highly of you."

"...Morover who said you are good critics, why should we listen to a pack of morons when they have never written good about anybody..It's not praises that are sought but negativity serves no purpose. So please sincerely F*** off.."

"ok y dont u just lay off you litle jerk off no body asked you to keep looking at my stuff so i would really appriciate it if you would stop mkay GET YOUR OWN LIFE"

"Gosh, are you really still this bored? Isn't it time for your bed-time yet? Maybe you need some more calories to get the old grey matter working?"

"You are a spineless fraud. Most of us that talk-off line know who you are. Grow the up. Nobody asked for your "harsh" reviews. Attention w***e."

"do i think i care what you think u just judge what u see"

"That's just sad, if your life has come to that. "

"... and sorry but the We are the Half Blood Princes have got to go .. hate to tell them but they are no better than anyone else else and hatred on this site is not welcome ... "

"Just to let you all know, I got curious about the half blood princes and looked up their profile. Give me time, I will invent some new colorful metaphors to describe them."