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About Me

Hello inhabitants of Writerscafe.org, I'm coming with peace, love, and only...

I have came to this distant oasis of art of writing to learn from mistakes of others and to see the world through lenses of thousands of souls as they search for the path of their true identity.

I'm in this vividly colorful and brilliant masterpiece of creation and self improvement for already a bit more than 2 decades, but my soul has been left behind and I yet have the power to see incredible and fascinating in simple things, I'm deeply grateful for.

I have given up my life for peace, love and joy and am willing to give some bit to everyone as he feels he need one of size of a cup of hot steaming morning coffee or one as big as whole galactic we are running around with speed of thousands of miles per swing of the old pendulum clock right behind me on the wall, if I have so much of it that is of course. I have no need to argue to someone who's truth is bigger than the whole universe and who is ready to fall aimlessly protecting it from unbelievers and wolves lurking around ready to kill him as everyone around him is like. Nor I 'm interested in lies and dogmas that keep them straight on earth and loosing of which for them is equal to falling from earth or more of falling through ground right in to hell they have created for themselves.

I'll try to review Your masterpieces, if You ask or I feel like it if I have the time for that. I write what my soul tells and am never trying to make anyone feel bad or undervalued. I just want to try and help you to try find the middle path so that I and somebody else reading feels the stream of uninterrupted consciousness You as the creator, has put there. And for us to see not the symbols and words, but endless worlds filled with vivid incredible colors playing around to show incredible forms and for us to hear sounds as if they were here, right here where we are with a book in hands and are merging with creations whose life we see as if it's one of our own.

Well I'm no writer and shouldn't really judge anyone who has written something, as I have not completed any work of writing for myself except ones small I wrote not for me but for ones forcing me to create em to survive in this world and obey the rules of the stronger. I can tell you only what I feel, not a rule of putting words in correct order you have broken and need to be punished for.

I can't really say have I written something as writing is a hard work when you plan an experience of other person and realize it with words and polish it to a point as touching it with your soul feels like touching to silk lightly flowing through air in light summer breeze. I write, but a bit different. I write down the flow of images I see running in front of my eyes and sounds coming from nowhere in quiet room, I'm sitting in in front of PC. I allow them to flow and take me to everywhere they like to and to show me anything they are willing to show me as I know one thing – they are me and will take me only where I would like to be and will show me only what I'm willing to see.

I can read, or more of a follow, anything that can grab me and not throw out as not eatable, but fantasy, adventures, surrealism and horror has more of a chance to keep me in. If the story is about natural things considered out of the natural like spirits who don't really like em being called ghosts, angels,spirit guides, witches, wizards, demons ( me not being really into having any deals with and keeping away from whom) and other creatures from here and everywhere I have my own strict understanding and feeling of which sometimes messes around with me while reading about em, but leaving me just enough space to change em as time flows and new understandings change the old ones. And be sure to have a meaning for your story, as story without meaning and purpose is just a strange set of symbols formed in to words by strange system of mystic rules set of which every language has and which of all languages put together would create almost every combination of symbols.

If you read this far then I must bow deeply in gratitude and respect of You for being able to withstand what came before this. I'm not native speaker of English, so forgive me my errors, or point em (em being just funny form of them, not error mostly) and I'll try to fight with them in this writing and in the further ones.

I'm student of Information technologies so writing as such and the style the previous paragraphs were in isn't like natural way of expression for person so focusing on mathematical and analytical thinking and is more of a strange than normal.

I haven't written any works in English, which, as I already mentioned is not my mother tong and don't know will I be translating anything from what I have already written as keeping the same flow and feel in other language is rather hard and it's almost easier to rewrite from scratch.

Peace, love and best regards. Ask if I didn't mention anything or you didn't feel the meaning of something I wrote and if I feel like telling, be sure I will sooner or later, and I hope sooner than later, tell. As most of the people I'm perfectly imperfect for me and what ever for others, I have no interest in opinion of...

:: Took hour to write and reread for errors :D ::