Hiding in Plain Sight / Joseph Dunphy

Hiding in Plain Sight / Joseph Dunphy


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Applied Mathematician who branched into Electrical Engineering, with some background in Physics, before the job market imploded, and he found himself trapped below the poverty line, with no real hope of escape.

Jewish with bouts of agnosticism. Partially disabled. Multiethnic. Live in Chicago. Stories will be mostly be set in an unnamed industrial city in decline, of over a million people in Northern Illinois, located next to a very large lake.

Setting up a fiction blog, giving it a time based character by using the news and recent observations as a basis for the journaling out of which the stories grow. When I make a few of the stories into videos, this is where I'll post them.

Be forewarned that the one piece of advice a teacher once gave me that really stuck with me was "never censor yourself" - just let the story flow. In no other way can you tell the truth about your characters, but to let them take on a life of their own, and the sensibilities of your audience be ... darned.

That doesn't mean that I will be emulating David Mamet, but it does mean that what you see won't fit in with anybody's version of Political Correctness, not even my own. My characters will regularly do things that I highly disapprove of, and to a large extent, you'll be seeing them doing it. Just as they would, were they to be found in real life.

Make no mistake, Chicago's reputation for violence and corruption, both private and public, has in no way been exaggerated. These stories will not be safe for work, and they probably should not be read to your children. Graphically unpleasant things will be happening to some of the characters. Some people will choose to be offended by that. Personally, I take offense at their offense, feeling that the most offensive thing of all is the attitude that the victims of crime are not a fit sight for respectable eyes or imaginations. No society that accepts such an attitude deserves to be considered civilized, and so I will not show its prevailing attitudes a respect that they've never deserved.

That's your warning. Continue on from here, and you'll have nobody to blame but youself.

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