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Sorry I have not been on in a while! Lost my pasword book :0

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About Me

I am a student, and I LOVE writing. Some people read while walking, but I write. I want to spread my writing, and read yours too!
I write fanfiction, as well as regular stories. My profile page for fanfiction is here:
Sorry if sometimes I go weeks or months without new writing. This is either because I have a serious case of writers block, really busy, or am writing my Harry Potter fanfic, A Life of Time. If you want to read my fanfic, follow the link above for my fanfiction profile, and then select "A Life of Time" under "My Stories"
If any of you people don't believe in writes block, BELIEVE IT. And also realize that writers block is NOT necessarily when you don't have any ideas. It is also when you have a really good idea, but don't know how to write it. WRITERS BLOCK IS PAINFUL!
What do I like? Music. I love Coldplay and songs that are in Japanese. I also like watching TV, but not really on the TV. I watch shows that are in Japanese on the internet, like Hetalia, Fairy Tail, and Bleach. Some of my favorite books are the Harry Potter books, and the Hunger Games. I also like the Artemis Fowl series and Eoin Colfer books in general. I also, obviously, like to write. Drawing is another pass time of mine. Things I like include the rain (but only the really heavy kind), school supplies, and the internet.

What do I not like? Cleaning my room. I like it when it is clean, but I hate cleaning it. Running is another thing I don't like. And I HATE transportation. I get terribly motion sick, and that ruins the destination too, because i am then in a bad mood.

Where do I get most of my ideas? When traveling, because I am trying to keep my mind off travel, and in church.

What do I find easiest in writing? Character Creation.
Hardest? The Idea and making it 'complete'. When ever I write a story, there is always an ominous 'hole' in it. Even if it explains everything, it never seems complete.