idiocy lacks the good sense to keep to itself

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Read, write, and be read, but always be yourself, for your voice is yours alone and originality can be found within, if no where else...

Writing is an expression. I know, I can hardly read that statement, myself, without thinking: no kidding? What else is knew? So What? But it is too often that we scoff at the basest principle of a thing because of its simplicity then refuse to mind it.

Every time we craft fiction or poetry or criticism, we offer our piece of mind, our expressions, to the “Great Conversation,” and how they impress will influence the expressions that follow, and so on, and so on, and so on…

I've heard fiction literature referred to as, “The Great Conversation” (I believe it was Eliot who said it, but because I am writing on the fly, so to speak, I don’t care to research it). It makes perfect sense, though. Shakespeare read the expressions of, say, Chaucer, internalized them, and then perceived humanity and nature differently as influenced by that expression. Pope read Shakespeare and Chaucer. Wordsworth and Coleridge read Pope, Shakespeare, and Chaucer. And Poe and Hawthorne read them, and Whitman and Dickinson read them, and O’Conner and Hemingway read them, and Vonnegut and King read them.

The name's Sarah.


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Posted 10 Years Ago

Hello I'm new too, welcome.