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Brick features a great many of the world’s best-loved writers, and has readers in every corner of the planet. Both up-to-date and deeply engaged with what has come before, the magazine prizes the personal voice and celebrates opinion, passion, revelation, and the occasional bad joke. Our goal is to participate, as a Canadian literary presence, in the widest and most galvanizing exploration of the arts possible.

Started in London, Ontario in 1977, and set by hand, the original Brick featured articles and book reviews from writers across Canada and attracted a devoted audience through the diligence and eclectic taste of its founding editors, Stan Dragland and Jean McKay. Now based in Toronto and published biannually, Brick’s mandate remains unchanged: to create a beautiful product filled with the most invigorating and challenging literary essays, interviews, memoirs, travelogues, belles lettres, and unusual musings we can get our hands on.

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