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Concho River Review
San Angelo, TX

Payment Type: Contributors receive a complimentary copy of the issue in which their work appears

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  • Poetry
  • Prose Poems

Submission Methods

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Response Times
Manuscripts: Response time is 1-2

Additional Information
Fiction Editor: Terry Dalrymple. Subjects and form of literature are open, although the editors are inclined to publish traditional stories with a strong sense of conflict, finely drawn characters, and crisp dialogue. Length of manuscript should be 1500-5000 words. Please send only one story at a time. CRR publishes 3-5 stories in each issue. Nonfiction Editor: Jennifer DiJulio. CRR welcomes submissions of creative essays, critical papers, and articles. Length of manuscripts should be 1500-5000 words. Please send only one manuscript at a time. CRR publishes 2-5 pieces in each issue. Poetry Editor: Jerry Bradley. CRR welcomes poetry submissions from all poets, published or unpublished. Length and form are open, but poems of one page or less are preferred. Please send 3-5 poems at one time. CRR publishes 16-20 poems in each issue. Reviews Editor: Chris Ellery. Usually assigned. For unsolicited reviews, please first send a query. Length of reviews should be 500-1000 words. Brief notices of small press publications are frequently included. CRR publishes 4-6 reviews in each issue when they are available. ALL SUBMISSIONS must be printed on standard-size paper. Letter-quality computer printouts are preferred. Include SASE or email address for reply for all submissions. Response time is 1-2 months for poetry and 2-6 months for fiction and nonfiction. Once submissions are accepted, editors will request e-mail or 3.5 disk copies.

Contact Information

General Editor: Mary Ellen Hartje
Editorial Assistant: Ilan Mitchell-Smith

Concho River Review
P.O. Box 10894, ASU Station
Angelo State University
San Angelo, TX 76909

P.O. Box 10894, ASU Station
San Angelo, TX 76909